Turnkey design and construction of pharmaceutical factories

FIRM VIPS-MED, Ltd. has one essential preference among all other Russian medical and pharmaceutical companies.

Due to multifield specialization, FIRM VIPS-MED, Ltd. within the limits of one Company can provide entire spectrum of integrated services, such as:

  • design, construction and building of pharmaceutical factories and facilities;
  • development and maintaining in environment of certain types of manufacturing units;
  • developing of medicines, including control methods and manufacturing;
  • manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical and medical products.

Its important to note that a development of one direction is efficiently used on other production fields. For example, for manufacturing of sprayer medicines we use our own pharmaceutical equipment.

Our company has accumulated a big experience in designing and construction of pharmaceutical facilities, in development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical equipment and medicines as well.

VIPS-MED has been granted the following licenses:

  • for design and construction of pharmaceutical and medical facilities and factories, including also clean room technologies;
  • for medicines production.

FIRM VIPS-MED, Ltd. also carries out important projection works, including:

  • Architectural stage, which concerns architectural decisions and frame filling for clean rooms;
  • Technological stage, which includes conceptual decisions, selection and arrangement of manufacturing equipment;
  • Engineering systems of clean rooms:

- air venting and air-conditioning systems with automation componentry;

- refrigerating systems;

- heating, water supply and sewerage systems;

- power supply and lighting systems;

- Advanced Communications Systems and intercommunication systems.

VIPS-MED handles inspection of construction as a general contractor and carries out the following tasks:

  • clean room construction;
  • venting and air-condition systems mounting;
  • refrigerating and heat systems mounting;
  • power supply systems mounting;
  • water supply and sewerage systems mounting;
  • delivery and mounting of water treatment and water purifying system;
  • delivery, mounting and commissioning of all equipment set for pharmaceutical manufacturing;
  • personnel training;
  • warranty and post-warranty services for all set of delivered equipment.

Terms of contracts for all kinds of works, including designing, is usually 8-12 months.